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Landscape photography and location photography provide many options for making good images.

Resulting in iconic Fine Art Prints.

Learn how to use your equipment and develop your techniques.

Mastering your photographic equipment is key.

When you are out in the landscape be inspired.

It does not matter wether you are travelling internationally or locally.

In fact it is quite often the case that your local landscape, the landscape that is known to you will inspire you as much as any fabulous location across the world.

Landscape photography is about being inspired by the ordinary.

If you can look at a field edged with trees and see the image you want to make you are using one of the photographers greatest assets.

Pre visualisation.

Pre visualisation is the ability of the creative to see what they want the final image to look like at the pint of shooting.

Remember the moment you press the button is only half way to making the final image.

We should all be aware that what you are doing is gathering the Raw material that will enable you to fulfil your vision.

So when shooting bear in mind what you want your image to look like.

You will need to employ all your knowledge and pre visualise what it is you need to shoot.

Amongst things to consider will be will :

Making the right exposure.

Using filters.

Using a tripod of not as the scenario dictates.


So make sure you know your equipment, use all of the techniques  and you will become a better photographer.

Able to create great landscape photography for fine art prints

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