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Privacy Policy & data information

Privacy policy for Stephen Shepherd corporate photographer editorial photographer for marketing branding and design corporate report.

I am registered with ICO / GDPR the General data Protection Act and our registration number is:

I only collect information / data for the purposes of administering my business with clients this may include emails, phone numbers and addresses in the case of commissioned and non commissioned work.

I do not hold any information with regard to personal or business bank accounts etc.

I do not hold information on any individuals other then the contact details required to administer my business with the client e.g. name. Email etc.

No new personal information is gathered or created other than what is freely given by the client or obtained from a potential clients website with regard to research for personal marketing purposes.

This information is held on computer files, address book, databases so as to aid the business / working with the client.

Privacy policy for Stephen Shepherd corporate photographer I do not sell on information to third parties.

In the case of client commissioned work I may hold more information e.g. a commission to work in a school where the client has specifically requested images to be tagged with metadata that may include a students name, age, class activity but this is only on the express instructions of the client to include that information in a photographs data.

Inormation may also be retained in the photographic metadata in the case of journalism with regard to the story, name, location etc. of the event or persons involved in the event.

In the case of library / stock photography I collect consent forms from the “models” this may include email addresses, phone etc. This information is only used to prove consent of the model for the use of the pictures as detailed on the form e.g. inclusion in a photo library. This information is not given to or sold to third parties other then the library concerned.

This information may be held outside of the EU in the case of libraries based in the USA and/or other countries in the world e.g. Getty

Library images can be sold to clients across the world. No information regarding the name, address, email etc. of the model is given to the clients who choose to purchase the images for their own use.

Model releases are held in hard copy / paper form and / or in computer files.

Privacy policy for Stephen Shepherd corporate photographer

Clients may request that information in photographic metadata is removed that may identify them by name etc.

A client (or in the case of street photography taken lawfully) cannot insist that photograph/s are deleted as the images are the © copyright of the photographer and / or the photographer’s estate.

The photographer / photographer’s estate retains the © in the images for up to 70 years after the photographers death.

If a client wishes to withdraw / have information deleted then they can email us directly at with the information that is required to enable us to identify the images and remove their information e.g. name, address, age etc.

I collect no data from my websites about client browsing habits etc. when a client or prospective client makes a request for information through the contact page on the website their email etc. is sent to us, we then may file the contact information for future use to enable us to send the enquirer information about our business and / or for future contact. The only information retained in this operation is the email address, the phone numb

Corporate photographer location marketing photographer Stephen Shepherd is a professional corporate communications, marketing and branding photography commissioned to shoot professional editorial style photography from his base in Cirencester Gloucestershire UK working world wide for annual report, publishing, marketing and communications.

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I am a commercial, editorial corporate photographer with over 25 years of experience. I offer my clients the flexibility of being able to work independently or to a tight creative brief as well as working on projects and production with my clients to develop their ideas and help to fulfill their vision. From location shoots to studio style portraiture, panoramic photography and 360 VR I bring creativity to any project. With many years of experience in Corporate photographer location, marketing and editorial photography I create striking images that tell a story.

My creative, editorial style has proven very popular with corporate and business clients for whom I often work on projects that involve reportage, location and portrait photography – creating stand alone imagery and portfolios of work for prospectuses, brochures, web and marketing collateral.

I am highly skilled at working on location with real people from all walks of life and in day-to-day situations and working environments. Often working with tight deadlines I produce high quality photography for corporate, editorial and commercial clients.

Whether working on commissions in a real life, reportage style, using available light to create atmospheric photography, capturing the imagery as the action unfolds or on fully produced projects, I create striking images that can tell a story with the minimum of disruption and direction.

My way of working enables me to get the best out of any subject creating unique photography to fulfil any brief, with or without art direction, building a body of work as well as individual “iconic” images.

Pre visualization is the greatest skill a photographer can have, it is this skill that makes the difference between getting the picture or not. I understand how to “read” a scene. I know how to be in the right place at exactly the right time and how to get “the” shot. I will often return to a location just when the light is “right”, or when the action is at its optimum point. I can shoot to the space reserved on a page and pick the perfect spot for a portrait – pre visualization is second nature to me.

My versatility and experience allows me to react quickly to photographic requests and my flexibility enables me to work efficiently, proactively and creatively in a broad range of styles as priorities change. I manage commissioned projects of any size from large location shoots to high-pressure shoots with quick turnaround requirements.

My client’s benefit from my experience and they know that they can communicate, describe and illustrate their requirements to me and that their photographic commission will be fulfilled.

Key areas of experience

I undertake photographic commissions for a broad range of clients, in many sectors of the business.

Corporate photographer location – I am commissioned to photograph all aspects of the business world from conferences and events, photographing staff and real people in their working environment to working in offices, factories and on location. I am also regularly commissioned for director portraits.

My photography is used by clients in their prospectuses and brochures on their web sites and in marketing collateral. My national press experience transfers very well to the business world where companies require creative reportage and B2B publishers frequently require my photographic skills.

Marketing – Marketing campaigns usually require more organisation and production than other commissions, the requirement however is the same – to produce natural, real world, creative photography. This style of working has been used in campaigns for CNBC television, fully produced shoots for The Alliance & Leicester, Thames water and Orange as well as in many brochures & reports.

National Press & magazines – For over 20 years I have undertaken editorial commissions for The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer etc. national & international magazines and periodicals. I have worked on travel, features, news and motoring stories as well as shooting celebrity portraits, landscapes and reportage work. This experience allows me to undertake any shoot at short notice, with tight deadlines or in difficult circumstances and still to be able to provide imagery immediately for my clients.

Construction & Industrial – I am specialist at working on location. I am regularly commissioned to work on construction and industrial projects photographing plant & machinery, staff & workers. Commissions have been undertaken for London Tubelines, Thames Water, Airbus, Carillion etc. and I have recently shot a 25-day countrywide commission for The Construction Industry Training Board.

Portraiture – From royalty, MP’s, authors and film stars to company directors, students and the man on the street I have worked on portrait commissions for many clients. Whether 5 minutes in a hotel room with a musician, shooting an MD portrait at corporate offices or on I have the ability to put people at their ease always getting the best from the subject.

Education – I have vast experience working in the educational sector including marketing shoots for Ofqual, The DfE and The SFA to special reports for the national press. I work directly for schools, colleges and Universities as well as for corporate clients who operate training programmes for their staff.

Drawing on my ability to shoot around changing scenes and situations I use my editorial skills coupled with location lighting to create photography suitable for prospectuses, web sites and marketing material. Recent commissions include – Portraits of Sir David Bell, The University of Reading – Marketing photography for UCAS – Prospectus photography for the National Star College etc.

er and the name unless the enquirer freely sends further information.