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Flight on the wing corporate photography while on commissoned travel highlighting the diversity of the view from aeroplane windows during flight.
The reportage photographer is never off duty.
Hence during periods of time travelling I have been able to create a creative portfolio of travel photography.

The creative folio describes the recreation of and the feeling of a bird in flight or "on the wing".

During take off and landing we often find the plane turning and ascending or descending.

During this time the height of the plane is more evident than at any other time.

Hence we find out sense of scale enhanced.

Looking down highlights our scale comparative to the world around us.

Travel is often described as part of our holiday or travel for work.

but how often do we really observe the travel aspect of this statement.

In a very Zen way it is not about the destination it is the glory of the ride.

It seems like the journey can be forgotten.

By highlighting the travel the journey becomes the ride.

Furthermore there are opportunities for all photographers in travel.

We often see perfect images on social media, retaed or re created at famous locations.

I am more concerned with the aspects of travel that get over looked.

Therefore this portfolio asks us to pause and see the scene around us as we move through it.


Stephen Shepherd