Landscape photography

Monochrome landscape

Monochrome landscapes are not always just shot in Black & White.
Sometimes the very essence of the vista is in monochrome.
So it was on a visit to Glen Coe in Scotland.

I travel a lot for my work so during down time or indeed on the journey itself I can find myself out in the landscape.

Hence during periods of time travelling I have been able to create creative portfolios of travel photography.

On arrival in the Glen during the early evening the clouds were sweeping over.

A light snow fall dusted the mountains and snow was falling from the grey skies.

Pre visualising what I wanted the final image to look like I was able to make the correct exposures knowing that this would be complemented in post production.

Overall the scene was grey.

Slightly underexposing to make the mountain rock virtually black allowed the highlights of the clouds to come through and not be blown out.

Although an interpretive image of the scene I feel it represents the real atmosphere of the location.