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Reportage Photography

Pre Covid life may be difficult to recall at present.

Six months into various worldwide lockdowns, ability to travel and personal crisis has seen us separated from friends and loved ones.

One of the last creative commissions I undertook before events were shut down was a concert in the City of Bristol.

Briefed by my photo library, PlainPicture I created a set of images highlighting what we enjoy, being together.

The swirl of the crowd emphasised by a slow shutter speed, showing us what life was like and of course will be again, in time and underscoring the human need to be social.


Reportage Photography

On the wing creative reportage photography while on commissoned travel highlighting the diversity of the view from aeroplane windows during flight.

The reportage photographer is never off duty.

Hence during periods of time travelling I have been able to create a creative portfolio of travel photography.

The creative folio describes the recreation of and the feeling of a bird in flight or “on the wing”.

During take off and landing we often find the plane turning and ascending or descending.

During this time the height of the plane is more evident than at any other time.

Hence we find out sense of scale enhanced.

Looking down highlights our scale comparative to the world around us.