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Fine Art Photography

As part of an on going series Little Fluffy Clouds represents the song by dance band The Orb and is part of the songline series

This portfolio of on going photography continues this theme, bringing creative photography together with song lines and titles.

Observations of the world around us suddenly turn from e.g. a standard street to a pallet for the artist to form ideas and imagery on and within.



Fine Art Photography

Dog day afternoon and a chance meeting with dog and owner in creative reportage street portrait photography.

Dog owners are proud, proud of their animals in a way no other pet is thought of.

Groomed and pampered the canine friend is a reflection of the owner.

So many times we see dogs that look like their owners.

People are drawn to dogs as if looking in a mirror.

Tall people, long legged dogs.

Small people, toy dogs.

As well as owners choosing animals that are physically like them, they choose animals with the same hair / fur.

Shot in Italy on a street photography project owner dan dog almost melt into each other.

Highlighting the theory.


Fine Art Photography
Transience in Nature is an event of seasons.
Transience is the state or fact of lasting only for a short time.
: the transience of life and happiness.

In nature the two ideas combine.
For a short period of time a flower blooms.

Grass dries and blows in the wind and trees will colour then shed their leaves.

The Transience in nature thus brings us happiness for a short time, the time we observe the beauty during its transition from life to death.

Fine Art Photography
The Road to Nowhere

Spaces and places, devoid of the human.
So often seething with humanity when empty these spaces take on another look.

Spaces can be transformed at night, grey drab concrete reflects the night colours dampened by recent rain.

Everything for the use of society is present

Yet without any sign of life the space becomes a landscape.

A landscape now almost beautiful in it’s composition.

The empty space so normally full of vehicles takes on another look.

Not just a functional space but a myriad of lines, angles, light and shade.

The creative photographer can combine concepts, ideas, design and composition.

Fine Art Photography
Takeaway the first fast food meal since outlets reopened after lockdown due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic of 2020 from McDonalds UK.

It seemed to be that all of us wanted a take away meal.
Cars queued at drive through restaurants.
Tempers frayed.
All for a burger and a portion of chips.

Not excluding my own family people joined queue for 2 or 3 hours.

Arriving home the meal was so precious.
Almost treasure like.
Consumed with joy and given the enormity of the event, with Proseco.

A reverence for the meal cited for for so long.

Yet gone within a few minutes.
Drug like, YES.
Addication, NO.

Just need to live some sort of perceived normality.